Who is Shooter Heena Sidhu? Biography, Olympics Medals,

The country’s star shooter Heena Sidhu went against society and held a gun.

Heena Sidhu is also one of those women players who have achieved a very important position in the field of shooting. Know his success story.
Who is Hina Sidhu?

In the past, many women are emerging in the sports world. No matter what the field, women are moving ahead by breaking all the restrictions of society. Heena Sidhu is also one of those women players who have achieved a very important position in the field of shooting. 

In today’s article, we will tell you about the inspiring story of Heena Sidhu. After all, how Heena of Punjab achieved a different position in the field of shooting. 

Who is Heena Sidhu?

Heena Sidhu is a well-known shooter who has contributed to the advancement of India in the field of shooting. Heena was born on 29 August 1989 in Ludhiana, Punjab state. Heena was born in her maternal grandmother’s house, but her home is in Patiala. Heena inherited her shooting skills, where her father Ranbir Singh was a national shooter and her uncle was a gun scavenger. This was the reason that Sidhu was introduced to guns in childhood.

When did you decide to become a shooter?

Due to the shooting culture in the house, Heena was given a toy gun to play with in her childhood. When Heena was 6 years old, she first expressed her desire to use a gun to her uncle. That gun had come to Indrajit to be repaired. On expressing his wish, the uncle handed over the gun to Heena.

Heena did not want to be a shooter

Despite belonging to the shooter’s family, Heena wanted to become a doctor as a child. But since childhood, he loved to shoot a gun as an amateur. Then Heena was not aware that one day she would become the world’s No. 1 shooter.

Medals won by Heena Sidhu

  • Heena entered the field of shooting in the year 2006. Due to her performance, she became a member of Patiala Club. In the year 2009, Heena participated in the ISSF World Cup in Beijing, where she started her career by winning a silver medal. 
  • In the 2010 Asian Games, Heena won silver in the 10m Air Pistol competition. Heena won the gold medal in the Commonwealth Games held in the same year. 
  • Heena represented the country in the 2012 Summer Olympics. Where she ranked top 12. 

History was created in the year 2013

In the year 2013, Heena Sidhu created history by winning the gold medal in the ISSF game held in Munich. She became the first woman to win a gold medal in this sport. 

Heena at the 2016 Olympics

Heena once again participated in the 2016 Summer Olympics. However, this year he did not get any medal. 

Heena refuses to participate in the game

In the year 2016, Heena was in a lot of headlines. In fact, that year, the Asian Airgun Championship was to be held in Tehran, in which it was mandatory for all players to wear the hijab. Due to this rule, Heena withdrew her name from the game.

Record made in the year 2018

In the year 2018, Heena took part in the Commonwealth Games. While she won the silver medal in the 10m pistol rifle, Heena won the gold medal in the 25m and set a record by hitting the target 38 times out of 50 shots. Heena is a source of inspiration for many women of the country. For her stellar performance, Heena was awarded the Arjuna Award in the year 2021. 

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