Things You May Not Know About Yelp

Yelp is a social site for everything local.

In 2004, PayPal employee Jeremy Stoppelman fell sick.

Jeremy Stoppelman wanted to call his business “Yocal,” but was unable to obtain the domain name.

David Calbraith, came up with “Yelp.”

42% of people who visit Yelp will make a purchase on the same day.

– 25% will make a purchase within a few hours.

The average Yelp visit is 3:10 minutes long

Ever notice this sticker on the window of a restaurant you love?

f your rating increases by one star on Yelp,

Yelp started out with a two-year license that allowed Google

best vegetarian-friendly restaurants in your area.

It also has 35.6 million mobile app unique visitors.

18% of Yelp users haven’t been to college

Each year, Yelp obtains 16% more reviews than the year before.