Millions of women in states don't have easy access to obstetric care in North Carolina

Why it matters: North Carolina legislators are considering health care policies that some people say could ease this problem.

By the numbers: Durham County has 100 OBs for a population of 327,306, per HRSA.

Nearly 30% of counties in the state don't have an OB, per the Health Resources & Services Administration, Axios Charlotte's Ashley Mahoney reports.

increase birth weights, particularly in populations of high risk," said certified nurse midwife Margaret Fryer

And 18% of counties are considered a maternity care deserts, according to a March of Dimes report.

eighboring Orange County, which includes Chapel Hill, has 63 OBs for a county population of 149,077

Policies include Medicaid expansion, which would cover some of the state's poorest residents, including in rural parts of the state.