New Faith Christian Academy in Naperville has ties to Awake Illinois

A new Christian school that promotes its freedom to develop an academic experience not mandated by the state 

Faith Christian Academy will take over the school at Wheatland-Salem Methodist Church at 95th Street 

Blan's flagship school, Families of Faith Christian Academy in Channahon, was launched in 2005 as an option for parents 

he Channahon school was one of several schools sued by Gov. J.B. Pritzker and the state of Illinois in 2020 

Despite the lawsuit, the private school was left alone and remained open with teachers and students never wearing masks, Crespo said.

Because they had new second-graders who were unable to read or write and high schoolers testing at junior high levels

What started this was a severe loss of learning," Crespo said. "Public schools don't have a plan to close the gaps