From 30 Burger King outlets, Magic Johnson made $15 million.

Magic Johnson made it apparent that he was all about the money when he negotiated a $460,000 rookie contract.

Winning Time: Kareem and the Lakers of Magic premiere on Italian television.

Magic Johnson is the owner of a staggering number of Burger King franchises.

Magic Johnson's Lakers interest was sold for anywhere from $27 million to $50 million": Magic sold his 4.5 percent ownership in the purple gold in a 2010 sale.

The Los Angeles Lakers icon built a corporation worth $1 billion under the aegis of 'Magic Johnson Enterprises.'

It’s a well known fact that NBA earnings run thin when you live a lifestyle your contracts can’t quite cash in

Between 1998 and 2010, Johnson carried out his goal by investing in over 100 cafes and profiting from them over the years.