How zoos are finding ways to keep their animals cool

U.S. deal with extreme heat this summer, zoos across the country are taking various steps to mitigate its impact on their animals.

job challenging for these animals that are used to living in cold environments to kind of keep them cool

The zoo is about 12 miles north of Boston, where record-breaking heat is scorching the city.

Boston Mayor Michelle Wu declared a heat emergency earlier this week until Sunday.

Stone Zoo is trying to curb the effects of these dangerous temperatures

Fans have been one of the easiest ways for the zoo's reindeer

Pools have also helped some of the animals. 

ice is a quick way to cool the animals off

the zoo's jaguar, enjoyed a block of ice filled with meat inside earlier this week.

You can just take a little bit of his diet, which is usually just a little bit of meat, 

pumpkin pie spice is his favorite right now.