On Friday, Obeidallah tweeted out a report that Abbott planned to start sending illegal immigrants to New York City

"More of GOP's brutality on display: ‘Texas GOP governor sends migrants to New York City,’" Obeidallah tweeted.

Rubin responded to the tweet on Saturday joking that Abbott’s announcement could be a good thing

Obeidallah tweeted back, appearing to take her comment seriously.

Rubin clarified, "I know. I'm slamming Texas."

Actor Travis Wester wrote, "Please explain how sending migrants to a ‘sanctuary city’ is in any way ‘brutal’."

Both Obeidallah and Rubin’s tweets followed the mainstream media’s determination to blame Gov.

Abbott for New York City and Washington D.C. struggling to handle an influx of illegal immigrants.

While outlets and reporters have attacked Abbott for moving migrants

Obeidallah’s original tweet received mockery for inadvertently insulting New York City 

 She received a Life-Saving Award presented by Chief of Police Dion Campbell and Asst. Chief of Services Jillian Ashley

 But in nyc the volunteers met the bus to help the people abbot [sic] was human trafficking," Obeidallah replied.