Do these things at San Diego Zoo Safari Park

The Apollo Theater

Apollo Theater’s neo-classical building—located at 253 West 125th Street—was designed and built by architect George Keister in 1913

Take a Safari Tour

There are 9 different types of Safari add-on experiences, and 27 different variations.

Roar & Snore Safari

Experience the sights and sounds of an African safari without the killer plane ticket cost. 

Safari Park’s Secret Places

Explore behind the scenes into areas not accessible to the general public.

Flightline Safari

afeel the wind in your face as you fly 2/3rds of a mile over herds of antelope, rhinos and giraffe. 

Cheetah Safari 

Watch the Cheetah Run at speeds close to 70 miles-per-hour from a prime reserved trackside spot.

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