Ezoic Site Speed Certification Test Answers – Ezoic Test Question Answers

Ezoic Site Speed Certification Test Answers – Ezoic Test Question Answers

Ezoic Site Speed Test Question 1:- If Max caching age is not set at your origin server ezoic defaults to

  1. 24 hours🟢
  2. 6 hours
  3. 12 hours
  4. 1 hour

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Ezoic Speed Test Question 2:- All ads no matter where the come from impact’s your site speed

  1. True🟢
  2. False

Ezoic Test Questions 3 :- Which of the following has the ability to slow down your websiteGoogle Analytics script

  1. display ads
  2. social media widgets
  3. images
  4. All of the above🟢

Ezoic Test Question 4:- Ezoic’s caching app does not impact site speed

  1. True
  2. False🟢


Ezoic Test Question 5:- Caching: when content is stored and easily accessible so it doesn’t have to make a call to the ________

  1. host
  2. Edge server
  3. Origin server🟢
  4. Visitor’s server

Ezoic Test Question 6:- Select all that apply

which of the following is a speed feature ezoic offers for serving images

  1. Skipping
  2. Lazy-loading🟢
  3. NextGen formats🟢
  4. Resizing🟢

Ezoic Test Answers 7:- Select all that apply

To fix site speed issue with ezoic you should…

  1. Preview your site with site speed accelerators active version🟢
  2. Turn ezoic off
  3. Check your plugins for conflicts🟢
  4. Disable plugins like speed, catching, lazy-loading etc🟢


Ezoic questions Answers 8:- If changes to your site are not showing up what is the first best practice to troubleshooting

  1. Contact your host
  2. Contact your Registrar
  3. Create a support ticket at ezoic
  4. Clear ezoic’s caching app and your browser cache🟢

Question Answer Ezoic 9:- Creating a site Speed version automatically activate that version

  1. True
  2. False🟢

 Test Questions Ezoic 10:- You should preview your site before activating a version of site speed accelerator

  1. True🟢
  2. False

Ezoic Test Question 11:- Select all that apply

How can you improve website speed with ezoic using the free CDN and site speed accelerator features?

  1. Turn on the free site speed accelerator features🟢
  2. Turn on Ezoic caching🟢
  3. Disable conflicting plugins🟢
  4. Integrate with Ezoic via nameservers (or Cloudflare)

Ezoic Test Question 12:- What does Ezoic do if you have a Mac Caching age set up at your origin server?

  1. Respects it🟢
  2. Overrides it
  3. Contact your host
  4. None of the above

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