(Complete Guide) How Ezoic is Better than Adsense

(Complete Guide) How Ezoic is Better than Adsense

If you are a blogger or a website developer, then you must know how to monetize your website and when it comes to monetization, then there is also the matter of online earning.

(Complete Guide) How Ezoic is Better than Adsense

If you have a WordPress website or a Blogger website, then you must have got Google Adsense Monetization done or want to get it done so that you can also earn online.

Similarly, Ezoic is also such a Monetization Platform like Google Adsense which can give you online Earnings.

Let’s know all the information about Ezoic and its features of Ezoic, today I will tell you in this blog post-Ezoic that all this information.

Create a 100% Approvable Ezoic Account

If you have not yet created an Ezoic account, then your Ezoic account has not been approved, then you can create an account from here:-  Click Here

So let’s know about all these features of Ezoic

1. What is Ezoic
2. How to do Ezoic Monetization
3. How to get Ezoic Account Approval
4. Ezoic Monetization Test
5. Ezoic Site Speed ​​Test
6. Ezoic Features In Hindi

What is Ezoic

Ezoic Artificial Intelligence is the best UI monetization platform that monetizes your website by showing aids, with the help of which you can earn online.

Like many other monetization platforms like Google Adsense, Media.net, Sovrn, Ezoic starts your website now and shows ads in it.

Ezoic places Google Adsense’s ad in the eye’s website in such a way that it does not increase your further.

What Does Ezoic Offer?


The Ezoic platform has many cool and cutting-edge features that you will not want to miss. Many features are available on the platform, including:

Monetization of a Website

This includes using artificial intelligence to place ads in the best location and size based on a visitor’s behaviour, including device used and location. Overall, your site generates more revenue per user.


Through their SEO Tag Tester, you can try out different headings and see which ones work best. Ezoic will compare pageviews, bounce rate, click through rate, and average search result to determine the winner, which will be the heading you use.


The Ezoic Video Player tool is available on the platform for uploading videos, indexing videos for higher search rankings, and introducing monetization. The platform determines which videos perform best and how to maximise revenue.


Ezoic-integrated sites are currently using the platform’s cloud infrastructure, Ezoic Cloud. The cloud is intended to allow your site to pass Core Web Vitals while displaying advertisements. It includes, among other things, server-side ad loading.


In terms of site performance, Ezoic Leap is the tool that does it all. It is the tool that will assist your website in passing critical web vitals.


Big Data Analytics, the platform’s own analytics tool, allows you to track your revenue based on nearly any metric, including authors, category, word count, and bounce rate.

To get Ezoic Monetization you have to submit your website by creating an Ezoic account if you have not yet

How to get Ezoic Account Approval

(Complete Guide) How Ezoic is Better than Adsense

Although there are many methods of Ezoic account approval, Ezoic itself tells about all the methods by which your website gets approved and I am also going to tell you in this post

Step 1 – Ezoic Account approval

First of all, you have to keep in mind that your website should be on WordPress because I have seen that Ezoic is reducing approval on bloggers right now.

Step 2 – Ezoic Account approval

Then you have to sign up Ezoic account and then log in.

Step 3 – Ezoic Account approval

After that, you have to click on add site and put your website name there.

Step 4 – Ezoic Account approval

Your one who will ask you to change nameserver You have to replace your old nameserver with Ezoic nameserver

It may take up to 24 hours for the Ezoic nameserver change to happen. You will have to wait.

Step 5 – Ezoic Account approval

Then the invoice will ask you to complete some steps which include Placeholder Setup, ads.txt file setup, and then your website will go for Ezoic Account approval if you complete 100% steps then

Step 6 – Ezoic Account approval

After that Ezoic one will email you on your mail id if your website is approved, you
have to keep in mind that it may take more than 48 hours because Ezoic is giving approval on a lot of website right now so

Step 7 – Ezoic Account approval

So if you get Ezoic Account approval mail, then it will be very good news for you people because after this your Online Earning is going to increase.

To increase online earning, the one you have to give a monetization test and a site speed test and get more than 75% marks in both the tests, only then your online earning will start from the Ezoic Platform.

Ezoic Monetisation Test


If your website is approved by Ezoic, after that you will have to give Ezoic Monetization Test.

In the Ezoic Monetization Test, you will be told about the Ezoic Monetization Course cake in which you will be shown videos. You have to watch these videos carefully because you will be tested as soon as the Ezoic Monetization Courses are completed

To pass Ezoic Monetization Test as I told you above you have to get more than 75% marks if you get fewer marks then you have to wait for a few months to apply again

You can easily answer the Ezoic Monetization Test Questions correctly if you have seen the course of care.

After a few months, you can again give this Ezoic Monetization Test and pass after completing the complete course

Ezoic Site Speed Test – Ezoic Site Speed Test

Just like you gave Ezoic Monetization Test for online earning, similarly you have to give Ezoic Site Speed ​​Test test to see the analytics of your website.

You can easily solve Ezoic Site Speed ​​Test Questions if you have seen the Ezoic Site Speed ​​Test course carefully, so I tell you that you have to see the course carefully and complete it.

Ezoic Site Speed ​​Test also like Monetization Test you have to pass in more than 75% marks if you fail in it then after few months you can apply.

What exactly is the Ezoic Ad Tester?

(Complete Guide) How Ezoic is Better than Adsense

One of the most powerful tools that contributes to Ezoic’s success is its ad testing technology. Simply put, The Ad Tester employs multivariate testing to determine which ads should be shown to which viewers in order to maximise revenue while improving user experience.

People visiting your site from Sweden may see different sized ads in different positions than those visiting from America.

Another example is that if you have 16 ad placeholders configured, viewer A may only see 5 ads while viewer B may see 10.

You tell the platform where you want advertisements to appear and what size you want them to be, and the platform will test millions of combinations to find the best ad placement for you and your visitors.

For example, if you had 20 placeholders on your website and could show three different sizes for each placeholder, the system could test nearly 5.5 million different combinations.

Big Data Analytics

Talking about Ezoic features, it gives you all the features that are helpful in running your website.

Because all of your traffic is routed through the Ezoic CDN, the platform can provide you with some really interesting data. Even superior to the standard data provided by Google Analytics!

The Big Data Analytics toolkit enables you to associate revenue with each website action. As an example:

If you have two authors for your website, the analytics toolset can tell you the average income from advertisements based on each writer. You can also see how much money you make based on the word count of your blog articles. If you can’t decide which topic to blog about next, you can see which category brings in the most money.

Best Ezoic Account Features

  1. Monetization
  2. Site Speed
  3. Analytics
  4. Big data Analytics
  5. Cloudflare
  6. Mediation
  7. Content Seo
  8. Video Seo
  9. Ad Inserter
  10. Multiple Monetisation
  11. Opportunity

Ezoic vs Adsense

If you compare Ezoic vs Adsence, then you have to first know on which basis Ezoic and Adsence give revenue.

Ezoic is an artificial UI best technology platform that places ads on your website at a place where you can earn more, while on the other hand Adsense provides you with AIDS through its online system which runs in its back end.

Ezoic is a CPM wage dad network that gives you revenue on the basis of how many visitors have come to your website and seen the ad, while on the other hand Adsense is CPC based ad network that gives you revenue on click of ad and also on impressions.

Ezoic minimum withdrawal amount 20 dollars Adsence minimum withdrawal amount 100 dollars

Ezoic’s support is very good, according to Adsence, you get the reply very quickly here.

Ezoic currently only approves websites and subdomains, on the other hand, Adsense also approves YouTube and also the website.

Ezoic has a Twist platform from which you can talk to their support team, whereas there is no such platform of Adsense where you can talk to the support team.

Ezoic Free Hosting also gives you for WordPress website where you can host your website for free while Adsense does not provide any such feature.

With the help of Ezoic leap, your website loading speed can be increased which Ezoic team provides you.

Benefits Of Ezoic compared to Adsense

1. Ezoic Free Hosting gives you where you can host your website for free.
2. Ezoic Minimum Withdrawal Amount is $20 which you can easily withdraw
3. Fast Support
4. Easy Approval You get on the Ezoic Platform
5. With the help of the Ezoic Leap Feature they can increase your website speed.
6. With the help of Ezoic Analytics you can track your website
7. Ezoic provides Free CDN for your website.
8. Ezoic can increase your running with the help of Ezoic mediation

How Does Ezoic Compare to Adsense, Mediavine and AdThrive?

The old story went that someone would start advertising on Google Adsense until they reached 10,000 visitors per month.

Then that person would move to Ezoic until they had 50,000 views, then to Mediavine until they had 100,000, and finally to AdThrive when they had more than 100,000 viewers per month.

However, there are a few major reasons why this no longer makes sense:

Ezoic no longer limits the number of visitors you can have. So, if you are approved by Google Adsense, you should also be approved by Ezoic.
There is a 25% revenue guarantee that Ezoic will outperform any other platform (such as Adsense, Mediavine and Adthrive).

So, regardless of how many website visitors you receive, Ezoic is your one-stop shop. The platform outperforms all other ad management platforms.

Furthermore, no one should be using Google Adsense any longer. Ezoic outperforms AdSense. That’s what I meant.

What is the point of only participating in the AdSense programme? You can earn double or triple your revenue with Ezoic, show fewer ads, and receive a great set of tools to speed up and optimise your website.

But I understand if you’re still not ready to give up AdSense. You shouldn’t do it.

Ezoic has released the Mediation App as part of the platform tools, which allows you to have other platforms compete with Ezoic for a spot on your website. Google AdSense is one of these “other programmes.”

AdSense and the Mediation App

The Mediation App is an extremely useful feature that allows you to connect your existing ad network account (for example, Google AdSense) to the Ezoic ad network.

Ad networks established through mediation will compete for advertising inventory on your website with Ezoic’s own ad partners.

Any money earned through mediation is paid out via that network’s application. In other words, if Google AdSense outbids Ezoic for an ad on your site, the ad earnings will be paid to your AdSense account.

Another advantage of mediation is that there is no revenue sharing. That is, if an AdSense share outperforms an ad from the Ad Exchange network, Ezoic receives no revenue. So, basically, it’s free to keep your AdSense account and link it to Ezoic!

You will have the code from your AdSense linked into the Ad combination tests once you have set up the mediation through the “Adsense Mediation” settings under “Monetization.”

Ezoic Payment Methods

Just like with other platforms, Ezoic has a payment threshold that needs to be hit before you can withdraw any funds. The minimum payment threshold that you can set is $20.

Payment methods supported by the platform include Paypal, Prepaid Card, and International Wire Transfer. Additional payment options include a check (recommended for residents of the United States and Canada only) or a direct deposit (USA only).

Payments sent through Payoneer will incur the following currency conversion fee if set up for automatic transfer:

  1. 0.15 percent for Canada (CAD).
  2. GBP (United Kingdom) = 0.15 percent
  3. 0.15 percent = European Union (EUR).
  4. Pakistani rupiah (PKR) = 0.15 percent
  5. 0.15 percent = China (CNY)
  6. 0.50 percent for India (INR)
  7. 2% for all other currencies

Receiving funds in USD incurs additional fees, and PayPal may charge a currency conversion fee as well (as high as 4 percent ).

If your preferred currencies aren’t listed above, I recommend integrating with a platform like Revolut. Because I do not have a bank account in the United States, the United Kingdom, or the European Union, it is difficult for me to accept payments at a lower currency conversion fee. Revolut gave me a European Union (EUR) account with an IBAN and other banking information.

Now I can receive payments in Euro and use that account for other business or investment purposes.

Overall Ezoic Platform Review

Like most people, I thought I could make money by showing advertisements on a blog. I had Google AdSense installed on my account and a clear plan for how I was going to proceed. I needed 10,000 views before I could move to Ezoic. Then I needed 50,000 views to make the switch to Mediavine. Then there was AdThrive, which required 100,000 views.

But then I discovered the Ezoic Access Now programme, which allowed sites with fewer than 10,000 visitors to sign up right away. I quickly entered the automated onboarding process and haven’t looked back since.

I’ve been thoroughly impressed by what the platform has to offer. There are so many tools, videos, training, and learning resources available that I am very excited about what the future holds for my website. I particularly like the amount of information available through their Leap tool. It lists numerous technologies (e.g., plugins) that may be lowering your Core Website Vitals score.

Overall, I made numerous changes to the structure of my website, which enabled me to significantly speed up my site and improve its performance in the Google search algorithm.

The platform requires you to send traffic through either Cloudflare or Nameservers, which may discourage you from joining. I had some difficulties getting this set up at first, and there is only a chat community that can help you. Overall, if you’re smart enough, you should be able to find work.

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