UDAN SCHEME Complete Notes For UPSC

UDAN SCHEME Complete Notes For UPSC



  • In News: Under the fourth phase of the Regional Connectivity Scheme, the government has authorised 78 additional

Nodal ministry

·Ministry of Civil Aviation.

· The Airports Authority of India (AAI) has been chosen as the implementing agency for the project.

Nature · Central Sector Schemes
Aim · To develop the regional aviation market.

Objectives of UDAN SCHEME

  • To make regional air travel accessible to the general public, even in tiny communities, by making it inexpensive, economically feasible, and lucrative.
  • Governments at all levels, central as well as state governments and airport operators, have made concessions.
  • To provide connectivity to un-served एंड underserved regions through the revival of existing airstrips and airports.
  • Under-served airports have less than seven scheduled commercial flights per week (14 for priority regions), and unserved airports have no scheduled commercial flights.
  • In the next five years, the ministry hopes to operationalize 1000 lines and more than 100 airports.

Pillars/ components Of UDAN SCHEME

  • Financing through: Viability Gap Funding Model.
  • From the date of announcement of the Scheme Version 1.0, the scheme would be operational for up to ten years.
  • It features a one-of-a-kind demand and market-based methodology for regional connectivity development.
  • Only States and airports/aerodromes/helipads that agree to and support the program by giving concessions as needed by the plan will be able to use RCS.
  • minimum of 9 UDAN Seats and a maximum of 40 UDAN Seats). The remaining 50% of seats will be sold at market prices. 
  • Airlines must fund 50% of the seats (a
  • Regional flight rates are set at ₹2,500 for a 500-kilometer journey or for a 30- minute helicopter ride.
  • seats is less than or equal to 13, 100 percent of the seats must be RCS, but if the number of seats is greater than 13, only 13 will be deemed RCS.
  • In the case of helicopters, if the number of
  • For this goal, a Regional Connectivity Fund would be established.
  • State governments,  on the other hand,
  • would be liable for reimbursing the whole VGF under the system for routes classed as State RCS Routes.Lakshadweep would be responsible for reimbursing the VGF in full under the plan.
  • and fire protection, low-cost utilities, and free land for RCS airports, among other things.
  • State governments must give free security
  • The Ministry  of  Home  Affairs  in
  • Operators of airports, aerodromes, and helipads: RCS flights, for example, will not be subject to landing fees, parking fees, or Terminal Navigation Landing