Top 10 Types of Tourism In India

Top 10 Types of Tourism In India

Whenever you go out for a walk or take a break from your work or your daily routine and travel for the purpose of getting no profit or money, we call it tourism. 

In tourism, you always have to remember that you should not earn any kind of economic profit or money and tell more than 1 day at any other place except your place.

Best 10 Types of Tourism India

Every person travels many times in his life and he likes it very much and for some people traveling is like connecting with themselves, if such people do not travel then they start feeling empty.

Similarly many people like to travel with their family, with friends and with their life partner.

Some people like to travel with their family and some people travel for their business.

Overall, every person travels at some point in his life or you can call it a tour in English, whether he travels for his work or goes out for fun with his friends or someone with his family . Going on a long vacation and doing some religious pilgrimage with the elders of your house, you travel at some point in your life, even though the ways may be different.

But as I told you above, when traveling, he does not have to earn any kind of profit in that journey. Only then can we call it tourism.

The first type of tourism

1. Type of Tourism – Health Tourism

When a person travels to another place for his curable health, it is called health medical travel. Travels to big cities.

Usually, health medical travel is associated with traveling from a less developed country to a higher medical center in developed countries. Presently, citizens of developed countries also like to come here for fun and to take advantage of good medical facilities in India.

But since the last decade, Vikram is there, it has turned completely upside down, now people prefer to do health tourism from more developed countries to less developed countries.

There are many reasons why you should definitely go to a developed country when it comes to health tourism.
Of all those reasons, the main reason for health tourism is the low cost. Here, less spending means that the countries which are less developed, there they get more facilities by spending less money and health also gets better.

He prefers to do such tourism to deal with health ailments in less developed country as it can go a long way in future.

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The Second type of tourism 

2. Type of Tourism – Ecotourism

If we have to define ecotourism in simple words, I will tell you that if you all go to any natural place, then the vegetation and wildlife around that natural place should not be harmed or harmed by you in any way, just like that. It’s called ecotourism.

Ecotourism is completely a journey related to the care of nature and we can call such travelers as eco-tourist.

Their main purpose is to visit different natural places and to create awareness about the environment and wildlife among the people.

Along with this, if there is a dense forest somewhere in the wildlife sanctuary, then jungle safaris, trekking, and other such activities can also be organized.

Ecotourism is a very important type of tourism because in future we will try to promote this type of tourist

The third type of tourism in Hindi

3. Type of Tourism – Religious Tourist

This form of tourism is the oldest in the whole world and almost every person in the whole world travels for the fulfillment of his religious and spiritual faith.

If we talk about India with respect to religious tourism, then I would like to tell you that the world’s largest religious fair, Mahakumbh comes once in every 12 years.

In this fair, crores of devotees who have faith in Hinduism, come to take a bath at the confluence of the three holiest rivers of Hinduism, Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswati.

The fourth type of tourism in Hindi

4. Type of tourism – business tourism or business tourism 

In simple words about business tourism, it can be said that when a person or a group of many people travels from one place to another for business reasons, then this type of travel is called business travel.

And the person who travels like this is called business tourism, you can also divide such business trip into some parts like traveling to share business, business seminar, product launching, annual business meet, seminar or any famous tourist for employees. Arranging a party or holiday at the site You can include all such trips under the category of business tourism.

The Fifth type of tourism in Hindi

5. Type of Tourism – Cultural Tourism

Cultural tourism is the largest type in the field of tourism and cultural tourists also spend more than other tourism sectors.

In the field of cultural tourism, tourists especially in those geographical areas come together to know and understand the lifestyle of the local people, the history of those people, their art, object art, religion and their way of life.

In order to promote cultural tourism and to attract more and more tourists, the local administration and government organize cultural activities on the historical heritage and local festivals, which increases the curiosity for that area in tourism.

The Sixth type of tourism in Hindi

6. Type of Tourism – Educational Tourist

Almost all educational institutions organize educational trips for their students once a year at their level or through a travel agency.

The main purpose of such visits is to satisfy the social, historical and scientific curiosity of the students.

Or we can say that through such visits, we also increase the interest of the students about any subject, which gives them practical understanding about their subject.

There are also many institutes that send their students to other places to participate in the competition.

The Seventh type of tourism in Hindi

7. Type of Tourism – Leisure Travel

Such trips are taken to take a break from your daily routine or from the pressure of work, mostly in the corporate world, this type of trips or tourism is very prevalent in the corporate world.

During leisure travel, travelers prefer to stay in good hotel resorts or relax by the beach.

For this type of travel, the tourist prefers to travel through the travel agency so that he does not have to face any kind of trouble for proper transportation and any basic facilities like food during the journey.

The Eighth type of tourism in Hindi

8. Type of Tourism – Incentive Tourist

This type of tourism is directly related to commercial tourism. The main purpose of incentive travel is to promote business activities among its employees or to complete the goals given by the company before the time fixed.

Incentive travel covers both domestic and foreign travel for employees. Incentive travel is beneficial to both the business and the employee.

The Nineth type of tourism in Hindi

9. Type of Tourist – Shopping Tourist

From the name of shopping that you can understand this type of tourism and why it is named as such shopping tourism mainly shopping tourist is the one who is very fond of shopping and travels from one city to another to do shopping .

The Tenth type of tourism in Hindi

10. Type of Tourism – Special Interest Tourist

At present, there is a very rapid pace and growth in the field of special interest tourism, when you have a special purpose of traveling to a place or there is an important reason behind the trip to a particular place, then it is called tourism of special interest.

The Eleventh type of tourism in Hindi

11. Type of Tourism – Tech Tourism

If you have a little understanding of technology, then tech tourism may not be a new word for you. A tourism means to visit a place which is very technologically developed or new technology is developed there.

For some such very famous places in the whole world, every tech savvy would like to go here like America’s city San Francisco, here are the offices of all the big companies of the world.

Like Facebook , Google, Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, Intel, Netflix and many more offices are present here, apart from America, the city of South Korea, Seoul and the beautiful city of India, Bangalore must have surprised you, but this city is the city of India. Silicon Valley no less.

The Eleventh type of tourism in Hindi

12. Type of Tourism – Pilgrimage

Tirumala Venkateswara Temple located near Tirupati is one of the holiest temples in India. This temple is dedicated to Lord Venkateswara who is an incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Every year crores of devotees come here to visit the temple.

Somnath and Dwarka – The wonderful and stunning temples on the sea shore of Dwarka and Somnath are truly awe-inspiring. Dwarka is one of the pilgrimages included in the Char Dham. The world is a temple. It is also called Dwarkadhish Temple which is dedicated to Lord Krishna. Somnath Temple is one of the 12 Jyotirlingas of Lord Shiva.

Vaishno Devi – One of the most important pilgrimages of India is the Vaishno Devi shrine which is in Katra town of Jammu. The former Ram temple is at a height of 5308 and is reached after a hard climb. is one of. Navratri is the biggest festival celebrated here.