Top 8 Causes of Crime in India

Top 8 Causes of Crime in India

The notions that have been prevalent in the past about crime, but now in general the conclusion of the scholars is that there is no one particular reason responsible for the crime. There are many reasons involved in this like environment, economic condition, unemployment, etc.

It is now recognized that criminals are not born. According to the modern ideology, the criminal is also a kind of patient and if he is treated well then he too can be fit to be adjusted in the society.

Major causes of crime in India

The reason for crime in India can be divided into two reasons.

  1. Common cause
  2. Specific reason

Under the common causes, there are two reasons which are generally of the same type in every country, which can be the following

1 Cultural Reason

Often the adherents of one culture do not consider the way of living and ideas of another culture to be similar to themselves, taking it as a crime.

It includes ‘religion’ and ‘social customs’.

2 physical reasons

The criminals who believe in the Typological School, believe that the criminal is born by taking these qualities from birth itself. Then physical appearance is also sometimes considered responsible for this, it is said that criminals have some special type of appearance and they can be recognized from a distance but they can only be aggressive criminals.

Under this there are some special types which are as follows – A-: Mental weakness and defects (decreased intellectual ability leads to crimes due to lack of knowledge of right and wrong. B: – Characterlessness – this is a common thing, in every society. Such people are found. C:- Emotional instability and conflict- In this way, the formation of emotional glands due to mental conflict of persons increases the criminal tendency.

3 economic reasons

Poverty is a very big reason for crime because this situation comes when the needs of the person struggling with the financial situation are not met. The greed of money also commits this crime, especially the white fat criminals who are like this. Some people crave money without hard work, even then they are oriented towards crime.

Dr. Hackerwal has rightly written that “Apps and Hunger” encourage them to follow the simple and devious path of crime.

5 Social Reasons

In general, if there is a conflict between social currents and values, then the criminal tendency is born, in modern society, human beings have started giving more importance to wealth and they make all kinds of efforts to get money and lose their thinking that Whether it is right or wrong, Sutherland says in this regard, “Crime is mostly the same kind of imaginary expression of the desire to get money easily.

6. Family Reasons

Since childhood, the atmosphere in the house has the most influence of a person and what he sees and hears daily in his life, he assimilates, if the person becomes criminal, then the family also has a big role in it like If the family is broken, scattered, lack of parents, or is a victim of misbehavior, etc., it still affects the character and personality of the person.

7. Political reasons

There are different types of crimes like political corruption, to fulfill the selfishness of the ruling people, to change the laws, to help those who commit crimes, etc. Such as “defection”, factionalism etc. Apart from this, if there is immorality in the police department itself, then many types of crimes flourish easily. Since the criminals in society know that there is no one to stop them and they commit bold crimes.

8. Geographical Reasons

The criminologists who support the geographical community are of the view that crime is based on climate and weather, geographical conditions, their view is that there are crimes against the body in warm countries and against property in cold countries. called “Lakes on”

According to the criminal calendar criminal colander, infanticide in January, February, March, and April, homicide and fatal attacks in July, paternal murder in January and October, rape against children in May, July, August in December, and property in February For the most crimes.