San Diego Zoo Safari Park (Complete Tour Guide)

San Diego Zoo Safari Park (Complete Tour Guide)

How to get to zebras from the Africa Tram at San Diego Safari Park. A gorilla-sized guide to animal displays, presentations, and tours is provided here. There is a day planner included with pre-loaded entertainment and animal encounter events. To have a fantastic day, you’ll know what you want to do and when to do it.

San Diego Zoo Safari Park- What You Need to Do and See

Without traveling to Africa, you may enjoy an African safari at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park. Observe exotic creatures while walking through expansive natural field cages and displays like Lion Camp. Enjoy events like the Cheetah Run, the Africa Tram, overnight camping, ziplining, ballooning, playgrounds, and entertainment.

What Can You Do At San Diego Zoo Safari Park?

You Can Take a Safari Tour of San Diego Zoo Park

There are 9 different types of Safari add-on experiences, and 27 different variations. They range from animal photos and feeding opportunities to sleepovers and activities like zip-lining that will get your adrenaline going. You’ll need to make reservations well in advance. They fill up quickly and you can plan your day around them.

People who have trouble waiting in lines can ask for an “Easy Access” pass at the Safari Park gate. If necessary, the pass grants you three additional members of your group priority boarding and seats. For further details, download the park’s “Guests With Disabilities” guide.

You Could Go on a Safari Tour

There are 27 different varieties and 9 different sorts of Safari add-on experiences.

They range from opportunities to photograph and feed animals to sleepovers and adrenaline-pumping activities like zip-lining. Reservations must be made well in advance. They quickly fill up, so you can schedule your day around them.

The Most Popular Paid Tour at San Diego Safari Park Is the Caravan Safari


We’ve been on several safaris, but this one is our favourite. You take a flatbed truck out into the enormous field cages housing the wild animal populations. These even include the notoriously erratic Cape Buffalo, also known as “the black death.” Fortunately, you will be travelling with an experienced guide who is familiar with their ways, and who will keep you out of trouble. Additionally, the guides answer your concerns and draw attention to other (safer) animal behaviors.

If the animals are feeling curious and hungry, they will also assist you in feeding the giraffes and rhinos. On this tour, there are usually so many fantastic photo chances that it might be challenging to decide where to focus your camera.

Roar & Snore Safari Is More Than Just Camping Overnight

Experience the sights and sounds of an African safari without the killer plane ticket cost. You get to fall asleep to the sounds of elephants snorting and giraffes walking by. And the sounds of lions roaring may wake you the next morning. You get a tasty, filling dinner and a hearty breakfast. There’s also a night campfire where you can make gooey s’mores. There are guided night walks through some behind-the-scenes areas and a morning keeper presentation.

Safari Behind-the-Scenes Takes You to San Diego Safari Park’s Hidden Locations

San Diego Zoo Safari Park- What You Need to Do and See

Investigate the backstage regions and places that aren’t open to the public. This guided safari is a fantastic way to learn more about some of the creatures at the safari park and the work that the organisation is doing to promote conservation. Additionally, you’ll have an opportunity to interact with and even feed some of the animal ambassadors of the Safari Parks. Platypuses, elephants, tigers, rhinos, kangaroos, cheetahs, and butterflies are just a few of the seven varieties of Behind-the-Scenes safaris available.

A Relaxed Tour of the Big Field Enclosures is the Cart Safari.

You may see herds of giraffes, rhinos, antelope, and other wildlife in their natural habitat on the Cart Safari tour. Your chauffeur is also a qualified tour guide.

Fly Over San Diego Safari Park with Flightline Safari

Feel the wind in your face as you fly over antelope, rhino, and giraffe herds as your heart is pounding.

You’ll receive instruction from qualified professionals and fly a brief practice mission to perfect your landing skills. Then you’ll drive a truck up to a tall ridge above the park, where you’ll take off and soar down.

TIP: Spend a little more money on a helmet camera to document your descent. It is not possible to create your own live video using a cell phone. When you land, you’ll need to have your hands free to grasp your harness.

Balloon Safari: Soar Above Everything

Fly 400 feet above the picturesque San Pasqual Valley and the below-ground herds of wild animals. You don’t have to be concerned about floating off and landing inside Lion Camp because this attraction is tethered. The success of this safari is heavily reliant on the weather.

Try to plan your ride for between 9:00 AM and 12:00 PM. In the valley, winds can increase pace in the late afternoon. Additionally, the Cheetah Run does not coincide with the balloon safari. It might frighten the kitties.

Meet the Spotted Speedsters on a Cheetah Safari

Watch the Cheetah Run at speeds approaching 70 mph from a coveted reserved trackside location. After that, meet the quick sprinter for a special up-close encounter.

There will be numerous chances to capture stunning cheetah close-ups. However, don’t waste your time attempting to capture the ideal cheetah selfie. The staff at Safari Park will make sure you get a great picture with the big cat.

You will also get the opportunity to meet another African animal ambassador before the race. Due to the low cost of this safari, it fills up quickly. Early reservations are advised.

The Ultimate Safari: A Dream Come True for Animal Lovers

With the help of the experts at the Safari Park, create your own unique safari experience. Visit places not on display. Meet the animal ambassadors who most interest you up close. Make it as exciting as you like by adding a zipline, balloon ride, ropes course, cape buffalo, or elephant feeding. Aim high. For up to 8 hours, explore Safari Park with a private tour guide.

Talk in training

View the training of free-flight birds up close. The majority of people ignore this presentation. It is really great because of that. Frequently, you may see from the front row as skilled animal trainers build rapport with their charges. Aside from getting a close-up look at exotic birds, this forum makes it simpler to ask inquiries. If you pay attention, you can learn tactics to use on your cats, dogs, and even even kids to get them to do what you want.