Microsoft Project Volterra Kya Hai (Features)

Microsoft Project Volterra Kya Hai (Features)

Everything you need to know about Microsoft’s ARM developer kit, Project Volterra

What you need to know about Microsoft’s first ARM desktop PC is detailed below.

Microsoft has introduced its first ARM desktop PC, dubbed “Project Volterra,” as a developer kit. It’s a compact Mac mini-style desktop that’s supposed to enable developers to create AI-powered apps with the help of a Qualcomm-built neural processing unit (NPU).

Microsoft Project Volterra Kya Hai (Features)

The device, dubbed Black Rock, has been in development at Microsoft since last summer, according to my sources. The Surface team collaborated with Qualcomm to create the product, which will be the first Windows on ARM developer kit to have a flagship Snapdragon SoC.

In the following months, Microsoft will reveal more details regarding Project Volterra. Meanwhile, here’s everything we’ve learned thus far! We’ll keep this site updated as additional information becomes available.

Project Volterra’s cost and availability have yet to be announced by Microsoft. We do know, however, that the company planned to begin shipping the device during Build, but was unable to do so due to unidentified reasons.

The continued component shortage, which looks to have hampered the launch of other Snapdragon 8cx Gen3 products such as the Lenovo ThinkPad X13s, which is expected to begin delivering soon, is one possible cause for the delay. With that in mind, Project Volterra is expected to start delivering later this summer.

Microsoft Project Volterra Kya Hai (Features)


Microsoft hasn’t said anything about cost, but we’re guessing it’ll be under $1000. Project Volterra, unlike other flagship Windows on ARM devices on the market, is a barebones tiny PC with no display, keyboard, or trackpad. It’s also made of plastic rather of more expensive material. This should, in theory, lower its price, but we’ll have to wait and see.
The device’s market availability is also unknown, although given that this is Microsoft, the device is likely to be limited to the United States at launch. Most of Microsoft’s prior new form factor products were initially exclusively available in the United States, with additional regions following later.


Microsoft has not released any official details on the specifications that will be found inside Project Volterra. However, Windows Central has learned that the tablet is equipped with a Qualcomm flagship CPU, most likely a modified Snapdragon 8cx Gen3 of some sort, as Qualcomm’s next-generation NUVIA chips aren’t expected to be available until next year.

It’s unclear whether Microsoft intends to market the processor as a Snapdragon 8cx Gen3 or if the SoC has been customized to the point where it should be branded as “Microsoft SQ3.” Perhaps Microsoft wants to save the “SQ” chip branding for the Surface Pro X line as a whole.

The gadget also contains an internal fan, which Microsoft claims will help keep the SoC cool and decrease throttling. Because you’re no longer thermally bound by a fanless design like on most other Windows on ARM devices, the presence of a fan may allow Microsoft to squeeze more power out of the processor.


We know the gadget has three USB-A ports on the back, a small DisplayPort, and an ethernet socket on the left side, and two USB-C ports on the back. Of course, the gadget comes packed with Windows 11, though we’re not sure if it’ll be the “Home” or “Pro” edition. Given that this is a development kit, we expect it to come pre-installed with Windows.

Project Volterra’s design, according to Microsoft, allows several devices to be stacked on top of each other, which is ideal for developers who may need numerous running tests at once or for deployment in a server rack scenario.

Project Volterra isn’t being marketed as a general-purpose desktop PC for customers. It’s a tool that’s been designed and built exclusively for developers working on AI and Windows on ARM apps. However, if you’re a customer, there’s nothing stopping you from purchasing one and using it as a regular computer.

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