Agneepath scheme Recruitment 2022 : Indian army’s Agnipath scheme, age limit, how to join

Agneepath scheme Recruitment 2022: Indian army’s Agnipath scheme, age limit, how to join

Agneepath plan age limit, educational qualification, and physical standards



The age range for eligibility will be 17.5 to 21 years. The Indian Air Force will issue additional educational qualifications and physical standards.

Agneepath Scheme Eligibility: ‘All India’ ‘All Classes’

Agneepath Scheme Medical Standards

Agniveers must meet the medical eligibility requirements for enrolment in the IAF as they apply to their various categories/trades. After being placed on Medical Category, no permanent Low Medical Category Agniveer will be permitted to continue his engagement.


The Agneepath scheme’s employability

Agniveers enrolled under this item may be allocated any duty in the organization’s best interests at the IAF’s discretion.

Agneepath Scheme Pay, Allowances, and Associated Benefits

Individuals who join in this scheme would receive a monthly Agniveer package of Rs. 30,000/- with a fixed yearly escalation. Risk and Hardship, Dress, and Travel allowances will be paid as well.

Year (Monthly Salary) In Hand Salary
1 st Year 30000 21000
 2nd Year 33000 23100
3 rd Year 36500 25550
4th  Year 40000 28000

Agneepath uniform scheme

Agniveers will wear a distinguishing emblem on their uniform during their engagement time to inspire and honour the energy of youth.

Agneepath Scheme Honours and Awards

Agniveers will be eligible for honors and prizes based on the IAF’s current criteria on the issue.

Agneepath scheme training

Individuals will receive military training based on organizational requirements after enrolling.

Agneepath scheme assessment

IAF will work to maintain a consolidated, high-quality online database of ‘Agniveers,’ and will use a transparent, standardized evaluation process. An objective assessment system will be implemented to ensure that assessments are fair and impartial. Agniveers’ abilities will be meticulously documented. Before the first batch of Agniveers is appointed, broad guidelines will be drafted and circulated, along with any later adjustments.

In the Agneepath plan, leave.

The organization’s needs will dictate whether or not leave is granted. During Agniveers’ engagement time, they may be eligible for the following leave:-

30 days of annual leave per year.
Sick Leave:- This is granted on the basis of medical recommendation.

In the Agneepath plan, there are medical and CSD facilities:-.

Agniveers will be entitled to medical care at Service Hospitals as well as CSD benefits for the duration of their time in the IAF.

Agniveer Corpus Fund 

Agniveer Corpus Fund is a fund managed by Agniveer.

In the interest-bearing area of the Public Account head, a non-lapsable dedicated ‘Agniveer Corpus Fund’ will be created. The fund will be managed and controlled by the Ministry of Defence (MoD) and the Defence Materiel Agency (DMA). Each Agniveer is required to donate 30% of his monthly earnings to the ‘Agniveer Corpus Fund.’ On the money amassed in the fund, the government will offer interest at the same rate as the Public Provident Fund.

On completion of the engagement period of four years, Agniveers will be eligible to receive ‘Seva Nidhi’ package, which shall comprise their contribution (into the Agniveer Corpus Fund) and matching contribution from the Government and interest on the accumulated amount. In case of individuals who are subsequently selected for enrolment into the IAF as regular cadre, the ‘Seva Nidhi’ package to be paid to them will comprise only of their contribution including accrued interest thereon. The ‘Seva Nidhi’ will be exempt from Income Tax.